Who We Are

Organization set up to provide help and raise money for those in need
Tobas Children 3

Our Vision

Daily the media informs us of the globalization of poverty, violence, wars, and natural disasters which inspire us to make a positive difference in the lives of the most vulnerable. Respecting our diverse cultural values, Latin Americans, based in the Washington, DC area, have come together to reach out and help.

Children with Nun Maria 2


Our first mission raised funds to help build a Reconstructive Surgery Center at Choele-Choel regional Hospital, Rio Negro Province, Argentina, for its Caritas Felices project. Alianza Latina USA gave financial aid and equipment to perform surgery on underprivileged children that have genetic facial disfigurations or malformations due to sickness or accidents.


Alianza Latina USA will continue collaborating with other non-profit organizations, giving to, and receiving aid from them to serve the recipients of our efforts. As an example of our successes in this regard so far, Comisión Esperanza Damas Argentinas (CEDA), Comité Argentino de Virginia, Providence Hospital in Washington DC, and Operation Smile (Operación Sonrisa) all aided our efforts to raise funds to build a Reconstructive Surgery Center in Argentina.